Donations explained

If you are looking at this page, you are one of our favourite people already. As we are an independent project (that’s a nice way of saying low-budget), we are grateful for any donations or contributions given. For more information on why are asking for donations, please see our “Why?” page.
At this moment, donations are essential as every penny will be going towards the administration costs – insurance, production costs, catering, travel expenses, etc. So for every penny donated you are responsible for helping all the magic that occurs behind the scenes!Although you can donate anything you like (at least £1 though so we avoid  paypal charges) we have, for a greater incentive, the following options for anyone who donates.

£1-£5 donation – a thank you credit on one episode.
£6-£10 – a mention of thanks on 2-3 episodes.
£11-£20 – a special mention of thanks on 3-5 episodes.
£21-40 – a producer credit for one episode.
£41-£70 – a co-producer credit for 2 episodes.

£71-£99 – a co-producer credit on 5 episodes.

£100+- an executive producer credit throughout the series.

Any donations higher than that will receive exclusive gifts from the cast and crew of the series.

To actually donate, there is a paypal icon on the sidebar here, just press that and enter whatever you’d like to donate.

If there are any technical issues, give me a heads up and I’ll sort it.

So… with that in mind, I’d like to thank you in advance and every contribution, no matter what it is is greatly appreciated.

(if there is no option to add a message for any requests you may have,  please feel free to email us at, stating your donation,  your email associated with paypal and your request)


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